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  Newborn Photography One of the most appealing things about newborn photography is the way that they curl up and keep that tight - almost fetal position. We recommend that newborn shots are done as early as possible - I try to shoot in the first 10 days after birth - and especially when the Dad is still on paternity leave. This also avoids the baby acne that sets in at 4-6 weeks.

After the first week, baby will begin to uncurl, gain weight and fill in and look less 'newborn'. She will also be more awake and less tolerant of the posing and positioning.

The newborn shoot takes about 2-3 hours with breaks for diapering, feeding, dressing, setting-up. It can be a complete family shoot. We usually start 9 or 10am, avoiding the late afternoon "crankies", review shots and shoot some more. I recommend that mom and baby come first and then dad can bring the siblings.

Unique settings can be arranged to your choice. Newborns are "in charge" during the shoot. The actual amount of time to complete a newborn shoot can be several hours to allow time for diapering, feedings and cuddle time. A quick review is provided at the end of the shoot to be certain all the desired photos have been taken.

Newborn sessions are typically done within the first 10 days of birth so schedule your session before the baby is due… We set aside several appointments to be sure to have the perfect window of opportunity for the photo session. IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY TO SCHEDULE!


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